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Collaborating for a Resilient Healthcare System: A Case Study of KPK’s Ministry of Health and Wavetec Partnership



The Ministry of Health in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan is responsible for overseeing the delivery of healthcare services to the people of the province. It is a government department that is responsible for ensuring that the healthcare needs of the population are met. The Ministry is a large organization that employs thousands of people, including doctors, nurses, and administrative staff.


With more than 1200 visitors on a daily basis, managing the influx of patients and the allocation of medical resources was a daunting task for the Ministry of Health, KPK. Given the massive influx of customers, the Ministry was faced with the challenge of ensuring that all patients receive healthcare services in a timely and efficient manner. Extended waiting periods and delays in receiving medical care caused patient dissatisfaction, impacting the overall quality of healthcare services provided.


Ministry of Health turned to Wavetec to help them overcome their challenge of dealing with the large influx of customers. To tackle this issue, Wavetec deployed its Electronic Queue Management Solution across 26 different sites in KPK province, each of which had around 40 counters.



  • Reduced waiting times for patients
  • Improved patient satisfaction levels
  • Increased efficiency in managing patient queues
  • Increased productivity of healthcare staff
  • Better management of patient flow, reducing congestion, and improved safety
  • Improved accuracy in tracking patient data
  • More effective prioritization of patient care based on medical urgency.

Customer Journey

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Did Wavetec Succeed in Changing the Game?

The electronic queue management solution provided by Wavetec has proven to be a game-changer for the Ministry of Health in KPK province. By using the EQMS, the Ministry has been able to manage the large influx of patients more efficiently and effectively, providing them with timely and quality healthcare services.
The patients are satisfied with the streamlined and improved healthcare experience, while the Ministry of Health is happy and satisfied with the ease of managing patient queues. The electronic queue management solution has improved the overall quality of healthcare services provided, making it a successful investment for the Ministry of Health in KPK province.